Guided Trips for Largemouth Bass on the Following bodies of water:


The James & Chick can be broken up into 3 sections, with all of them fishing differently. In the upper tidal James, there are many gravel pits, rock jettys, and smaller creeks. The lower tidal James has many larger tributaries and has lots of hydrilla, marsh creeks, and duck blinds. The Chickahominy is loaded with many smaller creeks, lily pad fields, and cypress trees. All of these areas can be productive and have hidden underwater structures that few know about. We also have our "goodies"(brush piles) placed in strategic locations and are very productive.

Lake Gaston

Gaston has become our favorite springtime destination. I have lost count on the number of 7 to 8 pounds bass we have caught here over the last couple years. Best time to catch a lunker here: late March - beginning of May. Early in the year we catch those big pre-spawn females in staging areas while they are waiting to move up shallow. The first part of April always brings a push of big females up into the skinny water where we use a variety of techniques to get them in the boat. Gaston also offers a good training ground for those who are interested in learning how to skip or pitch docks.

Buggs Island(Kerr)

We normally get the year kicked off here at Buggs Island. Beginning in late February(pending weather), we start taking these chunk largemouths on main lake & secondary rocky points with a jerkbait, crankbait, and slow rolled spinnerbait. As the weather warms and the water rises; we move into the shallows.... and have a hay day wrestling those big pre-spawn females out of the buck brush and willows. June is also a good month as post spawn fish school up and devour the blue backs .....this is prime time topwater action and can be fast & furious. As for summer & fall we turn our attention up lake, and focus on channel bends, humps, and other off shore structures.


 What you need:
- You must reserve your trip with a $100 non-refundable deposit
(we do have a reschedule policy in case of emergencies, you will not forfeit your deposit)
- We can supply all the equipment necessary. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own.
- You will need to have a valid Virgina fishing license.
- You will need to bring what you want to eat, we will provide a cooler full of ice & water.
- It is highly reccomended to bring: sunglasses, sunscreen, and raingear.

For more information or to book a trip, please contact : 
Eddie Griggs (Licensed USCG Captain)
phone: (804)543-7168

Send Deposits to:
 Virginia Elite Outdoors
6308 Cookes Farm Drive
Richmond, VA 23231

** Credit Cards Accepted **



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