Spring Gobbler Hunts




Spring Gobbler Hunts
There's nothin' like the excitement of hearing a mature Tom's THUNDER coming through the Spring woods..
coming closer and closer as he answers your coy yelps,clucks, and purrs.
Then you see him, in full strut...

It's Over, you're Done.....Addicted!
You'll become a turkey thug like us.




We offer more than just a turkey hunt......

We provide a Turkey Education!

Our experienced guides will explain and teach:
scouting, set up, decoy strategy, and calling.
Also offering tips and tricks that we've learned through the years.






We have tremendous turkey populations on our farms,
which provides a great opportunity to take Mr. Longbeard. 

All of the hunts are performed on private land and we will have the birds pinpointed upon your arrival. We will also have a back up plan,
 just in case ole' Tom is interested in another girlfriend.





 The Youth are the future of our sport....
and some of our favorite trips.

We love teaching our trade, passing along helpful tips, and introducing new hunters to the great outdoors.

" Take your kids hunting and you won't have to go hunting for your kids"




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