Come experience a true hunting adventure.

Hunting open water out of a Layout Boat for:

Sea Ducks & Divers



 You will be hunting off a 24ft Sea Hunt used as a tender.

The layout is a US Coast Guard approved
Two Man Mighty Layout Boat

   Our Layout Hunts are EXTREMELY successful because of the ability to put you where the ducks are on every hunt.  



 The Layout Boat sits just 8 inches above the
 water line, camouflaging the hunter........
and most shots are within 15 yards.

We can handle up to 4 hunters per trip.

Don't miss out on this exciting hunting opportunity.

We are one of only a couple that offer these hunts in Virginia.




 Knocking down a pile of resident geese is how we like to get the waterfowl season kick started.
Geese are very predictable this time of year and will be patterned weeks leading up to opening day.

We will be hunting cut cornfields over GREENHEAD GEAR(GHG) Decoys and
 AVERY Layout Blinds.

These birds haven't been hunted in over a year...... which makes for a phenomenal hunt!

Come enjoy a high volume goose hunt that has a generous 10 bird limit.



 Late season Canada geese are wary birds that demand extra attention to detail. These birds have been hunted since they left Canada in September.

Let Virginia Elite Outdoors experienced guides put you in the action.

This time of the year we hunt various locations..... fields, farm ponds, and on the river shore are just a few. Our constant scouting will ensure the best possible experience and hunt for you.

What you will need:
- Valid Virgina Hunting License
- Federal Duck Stamp
- Virgina State Duck Stamp
- HIP Number
- Your favorite Gun(or we can provide a quality firearm for you)

For more information on acquiring licensing or stamps please click here


Layout Hunts
- Waders
- steel shot or equivalent in 2 or 3 shot
- improved or modified chokes
- cold weather clothing & gear

Resident Goose
- steel shot or equivalent in 2 or BB shot
- modified chokes
- camo & face mask

Migratory Goose
- Waders
- steel shot or equivalent in 2 or BB shot
- improved or modified chokes
- cold weather clothing and gear.

For more information on booking, please contact us at:

email: hunt@vaeliteoutdoors.com
 Martin Hardy Jr. at 804-350-0976





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